Work Experience & Placements

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This page is for School and University Lyonians seeking Work Experience or placement with an employer.

A first year ‘A’ level student looking for a career in the financial sector.  Participating in a work experience programme prior to University will provide a fantastic opportunity to understand some of the careers available within this sector whilst further developing core skills in such a professional environment.

Adaptable and ambitious 6th form student with a strong desire to work within the environmental sector. A proven team leader with a keen interest in nature and wildlife.

An ambitious student who works well with other people in a group, who has leadership qualities and also respects the views of others. Interested to see how the knowledge grasped from an A level economic course can be applied in real situation. Keen to work in a commercial arena specifically banking.

If you are able to offer any experience or placements opportunities please contact the Lyonian Office at