Old Lyonian Association Changes

Joe Kerridge steps down as OLA President and Paul Matarewicz is elected as new President

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Joe Kerridge steps down as OLA President (2011-2017)

At last Thursday’s AGM (23rd November 2017), Joe Kerridge stepped down as President of the Old Lyonian Association after six years in post.

In 2011, he offered to take over from Paul Harrison for an interim period of 6 months whilst a permanent President was sought and elected.  Three years later he was asked to stay on for another three-year term to continue his successful work in leading the OLs.

A popular President, Joe’s quiet determination, and unassuming personable approach led the OLA, and he has gently and carefully steered the Association to a great place – with ever-increasing membership numbers, the new sporting home and clubhouse at Sudbury Playing Fields, with its fantastic pitches, a warm relationship with the School and a group of younger OLs ready to take on the new challenges. Joe’s vision has always been to set key imperatives for the Association and to strive towards them. He has enjoyed excellent links with the School’s Lyonian Office and his drive and energy in all things OLA have been commendable.

Joe’s presidency is perhaps defined by the OLAs move from Pinner View to its new accommodation at Sudbury, the South Vale Pavilion.  For many OLs, Pinner View held generations of wonderful memories – of football, cricket, summer fêtes, theatre productions and many good times.  Leaving was a wrench but was essential and Joe led the way, negotiating with the School to move into the excellent facilities at Sudbury and he has been instrumental in making new memories there.

Joe said, “Being President of the OLA has been a fantastic experience and privilege.  I feel a lot has been achieved over the last six years and I would like to extend special thanks to Andy Marsden-Jones (Hon. Secretary of the OLA), Michelle Gascoine and Keith Palmer for their hard work in bringing about those achievments.”

At the AGM, John Davies (OL Golf Society Secretary and former School Governor) led formal thanks to Joe for his hard work and successes in office.

Katherine Haynes, Head of John Lyon, said “Joe has been a simply wonderful OLA President and I feel privileged to have worked alongside him on Old Lyonian matters.  He has been instrumental in bringing the Association and the School together, and his lasting legacy will be that of enabling Old Lyonian sport to move from Pinner View to the School’s site at Sudbury where sport for old boys and current pupils now happens together. On behalf of the School, I wish him the very best for the future. That said, we are quite sure to be seeing Joe at lots of Association and School events!”

Paul Matarewicz is elected President at 2017 AGM 

Paul Matarewicz (OL 1969-1976) was elected new OLA President at the OLA AGM on 23rd November.

Paul attended John Lyon School between 1969 and 1976 as did his brother Stefan (OL 1973-1980). At School he was known for his height, and his subsequent late blossoming as a 1st and 2nd XI football team centre half. He also had an unusual aptitude for languages, especially German, which served him very well during his career.

After School, Paul played for some 25 years for the OL Football Club.  There he captained the First XI and all three other teams, and played for the veterans. Paul has had a career spent entirely in the automotive industry, spending the latter half of his working life as Managing Director of a major German component supplier.

Now working only part time, Paul is excited about getting back involved with the OLA.  Known as a formidable defender in the 1980s and 1990s, Paul looks forward to seeing modern football being played on the “top quality” Sudbury pitches.  (Warning: some readers may find the next sentence disturbing.) Paul is also a lifelong follower of Watford FC.

He speaks with enthusiasm and passion about taking the OLA forward for the next three years, saying:

“I want to continue Joe’s focus on bringing in younger members, while upholding tradition and getting OLs together for good times.”